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Green Cleaning

What Is Green Cleaning?

The Federal Government defines green cleaning as “environmentally preferable” products and services that “have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.” In other words you can receive the same quality of cleaning while reducing your impact on the environment and creating a safer workplace. Green cleaning is comprised of cleaning products and methods developed to improve occupant health and performance while minimizing impact on the environment. Some products claim to be green, but only those officially certified as green are used by our staff.

  Why Use Green Cleaning?

Many traditional cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When cleaning, these VOC’s are released into the air through evaporation and can affect indoor air quality. This not only affects staff but those visiting your facility as well. Green cleaning improves the indoor air quality of a workplace and can lead to increased productivity. Healthier employees are happier employees and overall morale and absenteeism can improve. When using green products and procedures you will see a reduction of eye, skin, and respiratory irritations. A reduction in headaches and nausea has even been recorded in some cases.

Recent trends and increasing awareness has made the environment an important subject nationwide. By implementing a green cleaning program you can do your part in reducing pollution and your impact on the planet which, in turn, makes the world a cleaner place.

How Do You Clean Green?

The service we provide covers all aspects necessary in a green cleaning program. This includes but is not limited to: green certified solutions, HEPA filtration on all vacuums, microfiber towels/mops, and proper cleaning techniques.

  Cleaning Products

The first and most recognized part of a green cleaning service is the use of proper cleaning chemicals. All cleaning products used are certified green through Green Seal or Leed Green Certification. This means that they have gone through stringent tests and passed all the requirements necessary. These products help reduce health risks and environmental impact.


Air quality in the workplace is an issue everyone can relate to, especially those with respiratory problems. Our program includes the use of HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters in all of our vacuums. Conventional vacuums use filters that release fine particles back into the room. HEPA filters remove 99.9% of particulates .3 micrometers in size, which are considered to be the most penetrating particle size. This is beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers, because the HEPA filter traps the fine particles (such as pollen and dust mite feces) which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

Microfiber Products

Another part of our green cleaning program involves the use of microfiber products. Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyamide (nylon) that combine to form a single thread. Microfiber cleans without streaking, smearing, scratching or leaving lint and is safe to use on all delicate surfaces. This unique cleaning tool is more effective at removing dust, dirt, germs, grease and lime safely. Microfiber cloths last much longer than traditional towels/mops and therefore have less of an impact on the environment.


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